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Friday, February 27, 2009

Give up?

I'm not giving up.

It is Lent. And even people who aren't particularly religious talk about what they are giving up for Lent. Ice cream, alcohol, shoe shopping.

I'm not giving up for Lent. That's right. I'm giving up giving up. For Lent. Forever.

The old old word that became Lent means "lengthening." There are lots of things in my life that need lengthening. And strengthening.

So I am adding rather than subtracting. Muscles. Discipline. Time to concentrate.

Some of us have already given up a lot. And not always by choice. In fact, I'm still grieving all that was stolen from me.

When so much has been taken, I honestly don't know what else I've got to give up.

I'm not giving up anything more.

Bring it on.


Claude said...

"...grieving all that was stolen from me."

If I could "see" with/through the "eyes of Christ" would I see the "grieving you?" Would I see the "you" from whom something could be stolen?

Claude said... continue... like lots of people,I have some personal experience with "greiving all that was stolen from me." Decades of experience... Thankfully, mysteriously, healing happens/is happening... and the central story of being ripped off is less and less defining. It leaves room for re-organization and new questions. Maybe my story of loss was never "true" in the first place. Could it be that I'm even tempted to consider that possibility?

Thanks for that one phrase Jan.