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Saturday, May 9, 2009

I am ambivalent about many things. But not about everything. In fact, I am not the least bit ambivalent about... Aspen leaves shimmering in the spring, cottonwoods leafing out with delicate, brilliant bursts of neon in the sparkling sunlight. Taquitos on the patio looking west, taking in the entire Front Range -- from Long's Peak and Mt. Ypsilon, the Snowy's, the Indian Peaks, and Mount Evans, south to Pike's Peak, over one hundred miles! Laughing, the more the better. Out of control hilarity is best. Foxlets pouncing and playing tag on the deck. Crisp, clean sentences and stories that carry me away. Poland's deserving spot in the light as the place that communism first went kaput, looking forward to the 20th anniversary on 4 June 2009 of the first free elections in the Soviet-bloc post WW II. Coffee in china cups at Cafe Blikle on Nowy Swiat, and not from the paper cup at Starbucks up the street. Plump grandmas in sensible shoes and stylish wool suits pushing the prams in Lazienki Park. Tween-age blond-haired girls roller-blading down the quiet lane, school bag over one shoulder, on the way home in Podkowa Lesna. Cherry blossoms. Apple blossoms. Forsythia. Honeysuckle. Lilacs. Grape hyacinth. Rich, dark dirt, furrows ready for planting. Speeding over mountain roads, chasing the sun through the Blue River Valley. Two black and white cows running -- running hard -- chasing a rabbit across a deep green hay field in northern Poland. The first ice-cold diet Pepsi of the day. Deliriously gorgeous turquoise Caribbean waters. Falling asleep to the click-clack on a speeding train rolling toward Paris. Kaia and Annika conniving to prank their mom. A just-right hair-cut. Frank Sinatra. ..... and so, so much more. What about you?

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epdavid said...

It is good to be reminded that there are many things we can be clear about. Thank you!