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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The best turkey

Today was the best Thanksgiving meal ever made. Dave did it and he did it just exactly right. Like lots of you, we spent time remembering what we are grateful for. And here, in no particular -- or edited -- order is what we wish to say 'thanks' for. Glycolysis politics James Madison Glee teepeeing houses (Note: we didn't teepee the Governor's house; Sheryl, was that you?) Mahler's Second Symphony bag pipes home fun family living in Colorado Diet Dr. Pepper humor friends -- old and new Poland change forgiveness elliptical machines Arapahoe Singers nasal sprays and recovering vocal cords fish oil the secret to the perfect high-five Marbury vs. Madison Hulu perspective flannel pants book clubs walking Ms. Daisy giving garlic hair dryers hot showers options indoor plumbing bubble baths sour neon gummie worms Roughworks $5 3 pound bags of chicken breasts roommates Linus Pauling South Africa semester Nelson Mandela hope wisdom and learning Dave's (Dad's) cooking!!! turkey and stuffing and gravy and potatoes and rolls and green bean casserole and pumpkin and pecan pie and more rolls sweet potato casserole exercise brother and sisters parents courage Rachmaninoff Third Piano Concerto Aspen holidays stories Michael Kors New York New York New York fatherly pride -- Dave's watching Annika interact so gracefully with his colleagues at a gala dinner in Washington D.C. John Marshall writing groups and encouragement Lighthouse Arapahoe High School Class of 2010 Macalester College Class of 2010 senior years two graduations in May scholarships! giraffes, rhinos, zebras, lions eating zebras, vervet monkeys moose the bison traffic jam in Yellowstone, merging with buffalo Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons Moab Jim Tracy MLB Manager of the Year football Breakthrough summer teaching refugees and immigrants encouragement and awards energy President Barack Obama Colorado Rockies iPods variety Palm Springs Christmas growing gay rights choices freedom inspiration Democratic National Convention Hawa meeting Michelle Obama this week Medicine Bow camping tweets antique cell phones Taylor Lautner tripping monsters Macalester World Cat Beethoven's 5th and everything else future what's coming simplicity mute button on the TV yoga aspen trees hiking backpacking and camping all the mountains! sunny 65 degree winter days for taquito picnics at Wahoo wonderful health insurance Mayo Clinic Wellness programs discovery road trips 400,000 miles on cars Mary Travers the end of communism novels singing family support trust road trips work clients Milkbones playing the piano tennis Tattered Cover Bookstore Tattered Writers ideas chocolate soft blankets and fluffy towels discovery adventure home enough America's Next Top Model iPhones biochemistry biochemistry snowshoeing Herman Gulch hiking biking along the Highline Canal the Lonetree Rec Center trampolines words beauty Paris polar ice mentors tootsie rolls patience more music just enough grandma's and aunt Joan's cookies safety possibilities goodness Beaujolais Nouveau ...and that was the first course. We hope that you have much to be grateful for and have times to remember and give thanks! And we hope -- but doubt -- that your turkey dinner was as absolutely fantastically perfect as ours. Grateful for you all, too! Jan