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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big fat juicy happy envelope arrives!

This has nothing exactly to do with Poland, although I'm sure I can come up with an angle if I think about it long enough. However, I'm too impatient. In one of those moments that parents everywhere can relate to, the college admission decision arrived in the mail today. We sit, with our kids, on needles and pins and wonder and wait. And I'm not good at waiting. There are small, thin envelopes and very big, thick envelopes. You know the instant you get to the mailbox what the decision is. There is nothing like seeing your daughter sprinting back from the mailbox, skipping up the sidewalk waving an oversized white envelope, her smile the size of the sun. She opened it up and those sweet three words said everything we cared about, "Congratulations and welcome!" We danced around, hugging and screaming -- I mean screaming -- for five minutes. So. That's the news from Littleton today. p.s. Annika says that even though classes don't start until September 7, she's planning to go out there in May and sit on the sidewalk with her suitcase and wait.