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Monday, March 22, 2010

I just don't know

The sign says, "Bring people together. Study theology." Or maybe it says, "Study theology. Bring people together." Either way, one or the other, I don't remember and it doesn't much matter. But, seriously. Last I noticed, we were not too together when we come to theology. Or perhaps it's best to say, we are too together here on this side of the wall. And 'they' are too together there on the other. The big bold white words set against a verdant leafy background as high as a building trigger my cynicism every time I pass. Whose theology shall we study? Of course, issue one is getting to any semblance of agreement that there isn't only one theology (yours). That there are who's, many who's who bring a theology to the table. Issue two is the question of knowing. I don't know anything. But maybe you do. I think knowing is dangerous. But maybe you think knowing is required. I'd like to think we could come together and study theology. But I just don't know.