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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"They Say It's Your Birthday!"

Another voter for mom, apple pie and the American way.

Another voter for gay marriage in all 50 states.

Another voter against "all that immigration crap." (She's a lot more articulate than that, this is seven in the morning shorthand.)

Another voter for equal protection under the law.

Another voter for upholding the First Amendment.

And all of the rest of them, too, for that matter.

Another voter for building a mosque at Ground Zero.

Another voter for health care reform.

Another voter for kindness.

Another voter for compassion.

Another voter for justice.

For all.

That means all, all.

Annika's first official act as an 18-year-old: registering to vote.

There are, apparently, four newly legal things one can do when turning 18: buy cigarettes, buy porn, buy a lotto ticket, and vote. (I think get a tattoo without a parent's permission is also on the list.)

She got the tattoo last week, with the parent's permission. It says "Sol" or Sun in Swedish.

She really wanted "Sunrise" in Swedish but that is a really really long word in Swedish. Nonetheless, that may be the closest thing to a faith statement she can make at the moment, which, to my mind, is not a bad one, not at all. Faith in tomorrow, the new day, the promise, the hope, the newness of life. Day after day after day.

So, Annika can go out today and buy cigarettes, buy porn and lotto tickets, and vote. To her everlasting credit, she thinks porn is exploitive, is violently opposed to smoking, and thinks the lotto is stupid. BUT. But.

She's been waiting for this moment for years. She can vote.

And rest assured, she will be voting for you. For "Mother, apple pie, and the American way."

The American way.

Oh, she knows her Constitution. Probably better than you do. So you can count on her. I know I do.

Seems I used to say, "Look out world, Annika is coming!"

Now, just one week before she gets on the plane for NYU, and at the wise old age of 18, it is time to say,

"Watch out world, Annika is HERE!"

Lucky, lucky us!

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