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Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Chanukah Annika"

And then there were two.

Two candles tonight.

Does it make a measurable difference in lighting the room? Hardly.

Does their light stand out? Barely.

Bathed in lamp light, the room bright and cheery on this winter night, the two little candles are insignificant. One has to make a point of noticing them.

But turn off the lamps. The two flickers stand out dramatically against the dark night beyond.

Without out their few lumens we would sit entirely surrounded by darkness.

They make all the difference right now. There is not nothing. There is something. Something essential. Light.

So it is. Even a little is essential. Sometimes even enough. We'd like more but for this night this little light has changed the atmosphere, even the sense of what is possible in here, what we could do.

So it is. And not just in this room.

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