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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My brain in a nutshell


That just came out. No pun intended. But now that it's out there, it is kind of cute. And apt.

The nutshell is cracked open. Yep. But this time it is on purpose. A healing purpose.

I have a new therapist. (Thank you insurance for that disruption in my life.) But, this is going to work out well, all to the good! We are soon going to begin a therapeutic process called Brain-Spotting. I don't understand it but I'm very excited that a wand is involved.

Like any surgery to remove disease and malignancy, the organ has to be cut open, exposed. Of course, normally, generous amounts of heavy anesthetics are involved. No such luck here.

Except rest. Brain rest. Which is just as well because it's not working anyway. At this most list-laden time of the year, when multi-taskers are basking in their olympian accomplishments (I remember, I was right in there with the best of them!), my brain is not working. Not like that. At all.

So. I shall hope to crank out a wise crack or tidbit of obvious wisdom every day or so. And meditate. Read when I can concentrate. And wait.

Which, after all, is what Advent is all about. It's not light yet. "The people who walked in darkness" still are. But that's okay.

Because we know how it goes. The oil will last. Enough will be enough.

I can wait.

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