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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Now what?

Let's face it.

This time of year really sucks. The bright lights come down, the neighborhoods go dark again. Justin Bieber reclaims the airwaves. The dregs of wrapping paper show up in corners and all the good leftovers are gone.

The kids are on airplanes heading back to work and school. Party's over.

Already. It doesn't take long.

The pastors and church musicians are swimming upstream for the next two weeks, until Epiphany, trying to convince us that Christmas has only just begun. I've done it myself. But it's futile. Culture rules and culture tells us that it's over.

We're stuck with shelves and shelves filled with nothing but empty storage bins and a mess in the basememnt and movies we've already watched and noxious television stories of tax readiness and the inevitable resolutions. We have nothing to look forward to but the Super Bowl and, really, is that anything?

So. What do you do to avoid the January blah's? The ugly depression that sets in about now? The big let down, the bubble burst?

I want a strategy this year. I don't want to drift along with the outgoing tide. I want to keep the TV off, my saturated self out of stores, and find a way to avoid the post-partum depression, to live fully, on my own terms.

What do you do? How do you thrive in January? What works for you? Please, please, let us know.

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