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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chaos, in theory

I don't recommend getting hit in the head but it worked for me.

Seriously. That's how the light got in.

Don't bother looking up Clary, Colorado. I invented it, but not its view: a sweep of Rocky Mountains from Long's Peak to Pikes Peak, a good hundred miles. It's that long view, the big sky, and a hot winter sun that keeps me rooted.

I'm writing about Chaos, in Theory. It is about getting hit in the head and having your perfect offering broken in bits and then, crack, that's how the light gets in. (Thank you Leonard Cohen!)

I hope you find here some crackpot notions that stimulate your own thinking and your gracious, creative response to the world's chaos. Chaos is great, in theory. Living with it, not so much. Let's talk about how to be creative, gracious and constructive humans. Old-timers will see how this blog has morphed. Even as that funky palm tree in Poland still makes me smile, there is more weird and significant stuff to talk about. More places to embrace the chaos and let it teach us. So. Welcome to the even more new and cracked open Palm Tree in Poland.

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