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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Okay, this is confusing!

You're confused? I lived these vignettes in a different order. Let me explain.

Several posts on one day, August 25 I believe it is, Phil and Kathie's 32nd wedding anniversary, by the way. It was the only time in my life I saw my husband without his beard. Anyway, I digress, already.

The Odyssey.

Roughly 6500 miles it looks to be. Homer couldn't touch that.

An odyssey of, oh, about a month, out visiting friends, family and the folks from whom I am certain I will learn something more about grace. It is time.

The series of posts I put up today start from one about five or six entries back. The last is first. I posted several all at once and the first one of the series (go to Older Entries) is titled, "I'm on the hunt." Wild horses are involved. Did this just make any sense?

Find "I'm on the hunt!" by clicking on Older Posts until you find it. And then read forward in order until you get back here. And we'll all be caught up.

It's all about being gracious. And I look forward to finding out more of what it means, how it looks, what it feels like - to give and receive.

For now I know this, grace is a perfect waffle, an extravagant act of forgiveness, a hug from the server who brought your breakfast, lingonberries, drivers who let other drivers merge, over-tipping for a small meal. I wonder what else is out there?

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