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Friday, December 9, 2011

In honor of Kaia's birthday, call your Congressman

Kaia is lucky: Keith Ellison is her congressional representative.

He will vote on behalf of the 160 million who will be devastated by the failure of Congress to act on the payroll tax, and for the 6 million who are about to lose their unemployment benefits.

Kaia came to this world 24 years ago already an activist. She was here at her time, on her own terms and she has made an impact wherever she's been. An impact for kindness, justice, equality, education, and goodness. We saw it in her as a young child. We saw it grow and become more sophisticated, nuanced, developed, confirmed. She always looked for the "least of these" and always sought their best interests. She gave herself, her time, her sacrifices to love and care for sweet children in Estonia, young girls in South Africa, and immigrant kids in Denver.

Now she is committing herself to a lifetime of medical service among the poor and underserved.

Let me be blunt, if you care of such matters, as I do, "what would Jesus do?" Jesus would not be acting as we're seeing the GOP act right now. It is partisan because they have made it so. Anything to make Obama fail. Jesus would not be about that. He would be with the poor. He would be forceful in his payroll tax fight.

I'm sure Kaia will love to receive your greetings. But I'll bet she would rather we all do right, make those calls, and pray for a compassionate Christmas for God's people. Compassion has a clarity of focus that takes the form of legislation, tax cuts, benefits. Compassion is Christmas.

And Kaia loves LOVES Christmas!

Kaia, Happy birthday, wonderful woman! I'm so glad you're here. Thanks for all you've taught and challenged me to do. Love you lots!

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