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Monday, January 23, 2012

If I Hate You Will You Just Go Away?

Or do I have to kill you to make my point?

I am not by nature an alarmist. I take chances. I generally assume the best of people.

But I am seriously concerned.

The hateful rhetoric in this country has been racheted up to a frightening degree. There is too much hate.

NEWS FLASH FOLKS: Barack Obama is a Christian, JUST LIKE ME. Barack Obama is a capitalist, JUST LIKE ME. Barack Obama is a generous and kind human being who is undeserving of the horrid rhetoric that circulates around the internet and shows up on talk shows and even by presidential candidates in their debates.

These attempts to dehumanize "the enemy" are the first on a slippery slope that goes nowhere but down. Down, Down, Down. For you too. You are what you hate. It's opposite, but the same.

Please, stop. Think. It grieves my heart that you circulate this hateful tripe. It is without basis, it is mean, it is dangerous.

As the recipient of a potentially deadly attack motivated by baseless hysteria, I speak with some authority. It is far too close from Hate to Action. Don't be among those who stir up the lunatics to outrageous behavior. They are waiting to know you sanction their acts. Don't do it.

I am so grateful for my parents who taught me tolerance. They weren't perfect but they taught me that people around the world are the same, only different. That no one deserves to be hated and no one deserves the kind of vitriol we hear now.

You are Christians, just like your President. Please rise to the standard of your call in Christ; as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so live in him.

Peace and grace to you all!

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