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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Most this amazing day

There is no way one can say I didn't squeeze the very most out of life on this planet today.

Simple pleasures. All.

Coffee on the back porch looking out at the apple tree loaded with white blossoms and another that is brilliant pink. Birds going nuts in the warmth. The sound of the breeze in the tall fir trees and rustling the aspen. Warmth on my face, my arms, my toes. A true blue blaze of sky. The spiritual breeze gently stirring around and on and within me. Clear bell wind chimes singing the song.

There is a very special Colorado whirring fresh brush stroke that moves through the air and it kept me company all morning. The aspen are leafing out even as I watch. A time lapse camera would reveal their progress from morning until late afternoon. Likewise the apple tree: I sit and watch as they literally open up one-by-one-by-a-dozen.

Dave's company when he gets home from church. We sit and sigh. And watch the aspen metamorphosis. Then time for tennis. A great championship match. A trip to the garden store for a few more supplies. And a trip to the book store -- can it be better?

Then pie. And home for a late afternoon date with trees and bees and a lone white butterfly, lemonade from girls on the corner (50 cents for a medium) and a visit from Lola the pup across the street.

It hit 80 degrees but felt more like 75 all day and we soaked it all in --- the neighbors' forsythia, our busting-out tulips, the lone daffodil. And a big bouquet of pink popppies.

And now it's NCAA Women's basketball; time to text-chat with Kaia and decapitate my chocolate bunny.

These is more to life, I suppose. But I don't need it. This is the life. This.

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