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Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's a Mess! It is that messy time of year. A shuffle of Christmas letters cover the bedroom floor, envelopes waiting for addresses (why do you move? It is so inconvenient for me!) and photos waiting to be stuffed. A massive invasion of snowmen are mustering in the kitchen and the family room, waiting for their annual assignments. It is one big mess. Meanwhile, the Swedish Tomten have arrived and skirmishes are breaking out as they jockey for space. What a mess. The turkeys are still retreating and the extra boats are heading for harbor and all this stuff has covered the kitchen table so we couldn't eat on it if we wanted to. It is that messy time of year. What is the purpose of all this fuss? Advent. Advent means "coming." Jesus is coming. Something is happening, or getting ready to happen and it is worth all the fuss. Jesus, alas, is still in the box, the wise men are wandering, the shepherds are shuffling after their sheep and Mary and Joseph have bogged down en route. But Jesus is coming, that's what this season, pre-Christmas is called. And it suggests a sense of preparation. Now it is tempting for me to be pre-occupied with Tomten and snowmen and berries and Julbokken. If I'm honest, I'm aware that it is messy in my soul, my spirit. Dare I hope? Again? Will something happen? Something good? Could it be that Christmas will be about hope and heart, about trust and commitment this year? Will I find new faith? Will that be my gift from the baby? Stir up your power and come, O One who is All, come and stir us to new hope.

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