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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


That's it, all the news that matters. Kaia is accepted, ACCEPTED, to the medical school of the University of Minnesota. First choice, first try, first go 'round.

She SO deserves this!!!!!!! What a wonderful day!

Mom is thinking back to the pre-schooler with her toy stethoscope around her neck, doing exams on Betty and Betsy. And to the stellar science and math student in PIP in grade school. And winning the science fair award with Jenna two years in a row. I'm thinking of how happy her grammar school teachers will be. And how thankful I am to them for teaching my child well.

Kaia has been accepted into med school.

If this is over-the-top, pardon me. But reaching a long time goal is well worth yipping and yowing about!!!

Let the parties begin!

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