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Saturday, December 31, 2011

What is the question?

What is the question?

Waddling in to this new year (hey, I had pasta for dinner), it is time for a new approach to this resolution business. No resolutions, questions instead.

A pundent on television last week suggested that we find those things we are drawn to, perhaps know we should do, want to do, hope to do and find questions to ask ourselves about them.

So, What do you want in your life this year? What might you do to bring it closer?

Rather than resolve to lose weight, I am asking myself what steps I can take to be healthy?

My greatest hope for this new year is to continue to be covered with grace and to extend grace to others so they feel covered by it, too. What shall I do tomorrow to put myself in the pathway where grace might find me? What can I do to share the grace of unconditional acceptance and forgiving energy with others?

So, as you approach this new year -- waddling, running, skipping, sleeping or otherwise -- what are your questions of yourself?

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