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Sunday, January 1, 2012

First of all, it's "pundit," right?

We spent the evening, pre-bubbles, wondering what a pundent was.

Great speller, am I not? What is a pundent? Someone should create one.

But the real question for today is, "Why is there air?"

"To blow up volleyballs with."
___Bill Cosby

I like simplicity. I like it a lot. But life is not simple. Complexity is a gift.

Cosby's humor may remind us that there are a lot of answers, some quite simple, some simplistic, to life's biggest questions. Or to our most urgent questions.

I'm wrestling with a few big ones. And simple answers would be wonderful. But they all ring false. Perhaps there are true, simple answers to some important questions. But the most of the time, we have work to do.

Questions don't beget answers; they give birth to other questions.

As you walk, run, plunge, waddle or scoot into this new year, what questions do you need to ask, to guide you to where you may be going?

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