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Monday, June 18, 2012

Brand: Chaos

Chaos leads us on!

Chaos gets a bad rap. Not with me, though.

Chaos is the raw material that makes life move. Without chaos we would be static, stuck, left with only the materials and experiences we have at hand. Without chaos we would have only what we were given at birth and only what we have already had.

Chaos brings the vitality to our lives. Chaos is the swirling mass of messy stuff that gives us new chances, changes, growth.

I love chaos, in theory. I create it wherever I go. It is that 'out of the box' oddball question that pushes the conversation beyond its boundaries. Chaos is the moment when the mad mix of unexpected possibilities swirls into position and something new is born.

That is my "brand." In this world where all of us are asked / expected to have a brand, to be one thing and not another, to be cold-eyed laser focused on a topic, a place, a worldview, my view is chaos.

For those of you new to the blog, you will discover a variety of topics here: Poland, history, spiritual life, sexual abuse, and daily life. It may seem a disparate hodge-podge but I invite you to see what is below the surface: Chaos. It started with a laser-focus on Poland but so much more feeds it. And it all adds up to this, the roiling and rollicking mix of life adds up to this wonderful, if sometimes vexing, reality. We are born in and from chaos and we live in it. The trick is to make it work for us. I hope your chaotic day adds up to something really cool for you.

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